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Popular Calling Cards Destinations

Afghanistan 14.9¢
Australia 0.9¢
Brazil 2.6¢
Canada 0.6¢
China 0.7¢
Colombia 3.7¢
Dominican Rep. 4.1¢
France 0.8¢
Germany 0.9¢
Ghana 5.5¢
India 4.4¢
Iraq 5.1¢
Israel 0.9¢
Italy 0.9¢
Jamaica 5.6¢
Japan 1.5¢
Korea South 1.3¢
Mexico 2.2¢
Mongolia 7.8¢
Nigeria 4.9¢
Pakistan 3.6¢
Philippines 9.7¢
Qatar 18.9¢
Russia 2.3¢
South Africa 4.0¢
Spain 0.9¢
UAE 14.5¢
UK 0.8¢
USA 0.7¢
Ukraine 6.9¢

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International Prepaid Phone Cards

Welcome! Here you can purchase cheap phone cards pins!

We offer the cheapest and most qualitative phone cards also known as prepaid calling cards. Our cards can help you save up to 80% on your international calls.

International phone cards help people communicate with each other from anywhere. Nowadays it has become even easier to order a prepaid phone card. You should only choose a phone card, pay and receive a PIN-code. You don't have to go to the store, but remain at home and order your phone cards through the Internet.

Easy Steps to Buy a Prepaid Phone Card Online!

  • Select Your Prepaid Calling Card
  • Get your calling card PIN via E-mail
  • Start calling worldwide immediately!

International Calling Cards Online are:

  • Best Calling Rates
  • Toll free access from any phone in the US
  • Crystal-clear connections, no Internet calls
  • Numerous benefits are the basis for such a success
  • Lowest rates for domestic and long distance calls

Enjoy great diversity among overseas phone cards.

Our Reliance Calling Cards: Africa, Arbat, AT&T, Bizon, Cardinal, Champion, Cheap Call, CheapStreet, Chopin, Continental, EastWest, El Toro, EuroMaster, Everest, Express, FastWorld, Hello from UK, Jupiter, Mariachi, Middle East, Mozart, Partner, Penny Boss, Royal Call, Sahara, Saturn, Simply, StarCall, Tiger, Tigris, TravelGlobe

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Cell Prepaid
AllTel, Cingular, T-Mobile, Verizon-Wireless, TracFone, STI and Boost Wirelles Cellphone Instant Recharge

PC to Phone Call
Call from your PC to Phone. Use SIP equipment or Internet connection to make overseas phone calls for less!

Web Call
Place budget phone calls from a web page on our site! No calling PIN needed. No software to install.

SMS Call
Send SMS with a telephone number you need to call and we'll connect you!

PDA Call
Initiate cheap reliance phone calls from your cellphone or PDA. No calling PIN needed.

Conference Call
Fetch up to 50 people together with the Continental calling card's conference calling!

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